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Cocker, terrier and dartmoor kennel range.
Kennel and run accessories.

Yard kennel rangeDartmoor Kennel range
Yard kennel with extended run. Single Dartmoor kennel clad in weatherboard, gate fitted with deadlock.

• 50 x 50mm prepared and pressure treated timber frame.
• Shiplap boards attached externally using stainless steel nails to avoid rusting.
• 40mm thick Celotex insulation to kennel floor.
• Double skinned walls for extra warmth and to prevent chewing.
• Standard pop-hole with draft excluding PVC curtain.
• Heavy-duty galvanised channel anti-chew guard surround.


How to order
Call: 01243 786701
All prices shown exclude delivery & VAT.

Yard kennel range.Yard kennel
Yard kennel with Run, 10mm solid bars, 75mm gaps. Size: 1.0m. wide x 2.44m. deep. KYARD75: £1,063.00.
Yard kennel only with lift-off side for easy cleaning. Size: 1.07m. w x 1.22m deep. KYARD: £899.00.

Internal kennels

Bespoke internal kennel and run, sleeping box with draft-proof sides and ceiling, 10mm solid bar run. POA.

Internal sleeping boxExternal sleeping box
Bespoke, large internal sleeping box with hinge-top lid. External sleeping box with lift-off, pent roof.

Dartmoor kennel.
Standard single Dartmoor kennel with one gate. Size: 3.00m. w x 1.52m. d. KDARD1: £2,590.00.
Eaves height 2.0m, kennel with full height front, large run, galvanised 10mm solid steel bar, 75mm gaps.
Ideal for large dog or dogs.

Single Dartmoor kennelDartmoor kennel
Bespoke Dartmoor kennelBespoke Dartmoor kennnel

Bespoke Dartmoor kennels: clad externally in weatherboard (left), with sleeping box (right).
Size: 3.00m. wide x 1.52m. deep.

Cocker kennel.
The Park kennel design scaled-down for small dogs, ideal for cocker spaniel or terrier.
Standard single kennel features: sleeping box with hinge-top lid, lift out front, pop hole with heavy-duty galvanised channel anti-chew guard surround and PVC curtain, galvanised 10mm solid bar run, 75mm gaps.
Available as single, double, triple, quad kennel with extended run options.

Cocker kennel

Standard single Cocker kennel. Size: 935mm w. x 1800mm d. KPCOC1: £1,450.00.

Cocker kennelTriple Cocker kennel
Bespoke, Open Cocker kennelTriple Cocker kennel, mortice deadlocksBespoke Open Cocker kennel with full width sleeping box (left). Size: 1870mm. w x 1800mm. d.
Triple Cocker kennel. Size 2805mm w x 1800mm d.
KPCOC3: £2,755.00.(excludes deadlocks).
Optional mortice deadlocks.
KLOCK16: £132.00.

Kennel and Run Accessories.

Run accessoriesRun AccessoriesRun accessories
Personnel gate in run divide (left). KPGAT: £138.00.
Dog gate in run divide (centre). KDGAT: £79.00
Solid galvanised steel divide 1.2mm thick x1250mm high (right). POA.

Kennel and run accessories.Kennel and run accessoriesKennel and run accessories
Single bolt-on dog bowl holder,stainless steel bowl (4ltr). KBOWL1: £54.00.
Double bolt-on dog bowl holder, two stainless steel bowls. KBOWL2: £76.00.
Day Bed for run, stok-board base set in steel frame 900mm. x 600mm. 120mm legs. KDBED: £96.00.

Pop hole doorPop hole doorPulley
Sliding door for pop hole - vertical. KPOPSL02: £84.00.
Sliding door for pop hole - horizontal. KPOPSL01: £84.00.
Pulley operated system - stainless-steel pulley. KPOPSL03: £214.00.

Kennel accessoriesKennel accessoriesKennel accessories
Tubular heater 45w with weld mesh guard, suitable for sleeping box, supply only. HEATC45: £96.00.
Non opening Perspex window 457mm x 254mm. KWIND: £72.00.
High quality mortice deadlock fitted to gate. KLOCK16: £132.00.

Prices shown exclude delivery & VAT.

Hinged Day bed for run

Designed and built to last Sherlocks kennels provide a strong, safe and more secure environment for your dog.
To order call: 01243 786701 Monday - Friday or for a quote including delivery send an e-mail.

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