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Sherlocks Oakwood kennels.

Single Oakwood kennel, weld mesh run, roof over runAdd 3 x Oakwood kennels to existing block
Single Oakwood kennel (left). Multi-unit kennel block, extended with addition of three new kennels (right).

• 50 x 50mm prepared and pressure treated timber frame.
• Shiplap boards attached externally using stainless steel nails to avoid rusting.
• 40mm Celotex floor insulation as standard.
• Walls double skinned, lined to a height of 1.22m.
• Full height door, standard pop-hole with draft-proof PVC curtain.
• Heavy duty galvanised channel anti-chew guard surround.

A practical design for working dogs, favoured by gamekeepers, available as single kennel only
or multiple kennel block with or without run.

To order call: 01243 786701 or email:
All prices shown exclude delivery & VAT.

Two single Oakwood kennels
Single Oakwood kennel 1.52m wide x 1.09m deep.
(Kennel only).
KOAK1: £1,340.00.
Single Oakwood kennel, 1.83m long weld mesh run
Single Oakwood kennel, 1.83m weld mesh run.
Kennel and run:1.52m wide x 2.92m deep.

KOAKWM1: £1,730.00.
click here for kennel & run plan

Double Oakwood kennel, weld mesh run
Double Oakwood kennel, 1.83m weld mesh run.
KOAKWM2: £2,695.00.
click here for kennel & run plan
Triple Oakwood kennel, 1.83m long weld mesh run
Triple kennel, 1.83m weld mesh run 4.56m wide x 2.92m deep.
KOAKWM3: £3,871.00.
Quad Oakwood kennel block
Quad Oakwood kennel 1.83m weld mesh run: 6.08m. wide x 2.92m. deep. KOAKWM4: £4,610.00.
Six Oakwood kennel block, 1.83m weld mesh run, half height solid divides
Block of six Oakwood kennels 1.83m weld mesh run, 9.12m wide x 2.92m deep. POA.

Galvanised steel divide, high security door.

Solid run divideHeavy duty steel door
Steel divide 1.22m x 1250mm high, bars or weld mesh above. High security door. POA.

Bespoke kennels, additional options.

Bespoke kennels
Bespoke oak and runInternal kennel
Option: opening windowOptionL opening window
Option: opening window. POA. Non-opening window see Kennel & run accessories.
Bespoke, reduced height single kennel & runBespoke Oakwood kennel with overhang
Reduced height single Oakwood kennel, run roof (left). Bespoke Oakwood kennel with overhang. POA.

All prices shown exclude delivery & VAT.

Designed and built to last Sherlocks kennels provide a strong, safe and more secure environment for your dog.
To order call: 01243 786701 Monday - Friday or for a quote including delivery send an e-mail.

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