Sherlocks Highland Kennel block.

Ten kennel blockFive kennel block with store

Multiple unit kennel block built to your requirements.

Create the ideal Highland kennel to suit your needs, see options below.

• How many kennels do you need.
• Building depth front to back: 2.44m., 3.05m., or 3.66m deep.
• Kennel and run unit width: 1.22m. or 1.83m wide.
• Sleeping box or full height kennel front.
• 10mm galvanised solid steel bar panels, 75mm gap between bars.
• Store width: 1.22m. or 1.83m wide x depth of building.
• Single or pair of sliding shutterd sides for extra weather protection.
• Standard roof clad in heavy-duty mineral felt.
• The Highland roof is designed to take alternative roofing material if required.
• Increased pitch to take: cedar shingles, slates, clay tiles.
• Heavy-duty mortice deadlock option for gate.
• 10-Year guarantee.

50mm x 50mm prepared and pressure treated timber frame, internal full height lining in 6mm ply with
19 x 150mm prepared and pressure treated shiplap boards attached externally using stainless steel nails to avoid rusting.
Kennel floors 50mm x 50mm prepared and pressure treated timber frame with 40mm thick Celotex inset.
Gutters to front and rear.

Click here for triple Highland kennel with store plan

To get a quote or place To order or get a quote call 01243 786701or e-mail: sales@sherlocks-kennels.co.uk
All prices shown exclude delivery & VAT.

Multi-unit and bespoke build.

Caucasian Shepherd dog

Russian Caucasian Shepherd dog.

Bespoke triple Highland kennel.

Kennel: 8.00m. w x 3.66m. d., security passage, box section steel roof, 75mm. gap between bars.

Bespoke triple Highland kennel

Bespoke triple Highland kennel and store.
Kennel: 5.90m. w x 3.66m. d., sliding shutter, mortice deadlocks, 75mm. gap between bars.
Clad in vertical larch board, slate roof.

Bespoke triple kennel and store

Golden LabradorGolden Lab pup

Golden Labrador.

Quad Highland kennel.

Size: 4.88m. w x 3.05m. d. Standard sleeping box, 75mm. gap between bars.

Quad Highland kennel

Double Highland kennel with store.
Size: 3.66m. w x 3.05m. d., sleeping box, store, 1 x sliding shutter, 75mm. gaps, 2 x mortice deadlock.

Double Highland Kennel and store

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever.

Six block Highland, full height fronts

Dog Day Care Kennels.
Size: 8.50m. w x 3.05m. d., full height kennel front and store, 75mm. gap between bars.

Wire haired Terrier

Bespoke kennel.Triple kennel & storeBespoke kennel, additional run.

Sleeping box or full height kennel front.

hinge top lidlift-out front

Sherlocks unique sleeping box design features.
• Hinged-top lid locks on to back wall in open position.
• Lift-out front panel for easy cleaning.
• Heavy duty galvanised channel anti-chew guard surround.
• Draft-proof PVC curtain.

Full height kennel front

Highland kennel full height front features.
• Full height kennel door.
• Heavy duty galvanised channel anti-chew guard surround.
• Draft-proof PVC curtain.

Store - either side.

Double kennel and storeStore to right side

• Store: 1.22m or 1.83m. wide.
• Store/building depth: 2.44m., 3.05m.,or 3.66m deep.
• Heavy-duty 12mm ply floor for maximum rigidity.
• Walls lined internally in 9mm ply.
• Pad-bolt closure as standard.

Sliding shutters for extra weather protection.

close opensliding shutter

Sliding shutters: per pair £238.00 Code:KPKSHUT2
Single: £119.00 Code:KPKSHUT1

Kennel and run accessories.
Including heavy-duty mortice deadlock with 16mm stainless-steel shoot-bolt, dog gate, man gate, day bed for external use, single and double bolt-on water/food bowls.

All prices shown exclude delivery & VAT.

Double Highland and store

Bespoke double Highland kennel with store, mortice deadlocks and cedar shingle roof.

Designed and bult to last Sherlocks kennels provide a strong, safe and more secure environment for your dogs.
Call: 01243 786701 for a quote or
e-mail: sales@sherlocks-kennels.co.uk

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